Applying to MBA programs? Which test to take – GMAT or GRE?

Are you facing the dilemma as to which test – GMAT or GRE – to write when applying to MBA programs?

It was a straightforward choice – GMAT – before 2009, as GRE wasn’t an accepted test for admission to MBA programs then. In the initial years of its existence too, GRE didn’t pose much of a dilemma to the applicants, as not too many programs accepted GRE score.

But it has changed dramatically in the last few years: according to Kaplan 2014 survey 85% of MBA programs accepted (at the time of survey) both the scores in contrast to only 24% in 2009. 85% practically covers any MBA program of repute, and hence the problem of some of your target schools not accepting a GRE score, for all practical purpose, is gone now.

So, which of the two to write when you’re applying to MBA programs? Here are few broad guidelines that you can evaluate your decision against:

Do I need to send official GMAT score to my target school if …? [FAQs]

“I’m a reapplicant. Do I need to send official GMAT score again this year?”

“I took GMAT three years back, but I’m applying only this year. Do I need to send my official score again to the schools which I selected while taking the test?”

These are some of the questions regarding reporting of official GMAT score that bewilder applicants to MBA programs. This post tries to clarify most such questions.

Is Your GMAT Score 30 Points Below the Average Score of Your Target School?

If yes, then read on.

This post may resolve some of your dilemmas on retaking the test in such situations.

There are applicants who think they’ve blown away their chances of making it to top-ten schools after getting an unsatisfactory 720 in GMAT (this post holds good for GRE as well), cursing lapse of those few crucial moments of concentration while taking the test.

Though this example of 720 may be bit extreme, there are genuine cases of concern where applicants fall short of the average GMAT score of their target school by a tantalizing 30-odd points.

How many get 800 in GMAT every year?

3 Interesting Things About the Perfect (800) GMAT Score


The magical figure that anyone taking GMAT is at least subconsciously aware of, with some even consciously making an effort (rather, hoping) to hit the jackpot as they put in weeks after weeks.

What are some interesting facts & anecdotes about this score?