Applying to MBA programs? Which test to take – GMAT or GRE?

Are you facing the dilemma as to which test – GMAT or GRE – to write when applying to MBA programs?

It was a straightforward choice – GMAT – before 2009, as GRE wasn’t an accepted test for admission to MBA programs then. In the initial years of its existence too, GRE didn’t pose much of a dilemma to the applicants, as not too many programs accepted GRE score.

But it has changed dramatically in the last few years: according to Kaplan 2014 survey 85% of MBA programs accepted (at the time of survey) both the scores in contrast to only 24% in 2009. 85% practically covers any MBA program of repute, and hence the problem of some of your target schools not accepting a GRE score, for all practical purpose, is gone now.

So, which of the two to write when you’re applying to MBA programs? Here are few broad guidelines that you can evaluate your decision against: