Although I had a competitive GMAT score and GPA, I wasn’t strong on big brands on my resume. I had heard that they don’t matter, but I wanted to be sure that I was writing my essays and briefing my recommenders in the best possible manner, as my list of target schools was competitive. That was when I contacted Anil. By then, I was already through my first draft of essays, which formed the starting point for our brainstorming session during which he enquired about few of my experiences in detail – it was like spending an hour on two issues. I think that was critical. And I decided to include one of them in my essays in more depth, rather than the earlier smattering of few. Besides, he helped me strengthen the structure & language of the essays and with two mock interviews. Throughout the process, he was honest and frank in his assessment and comments, which helped me beat some of the dilemmas I had regarding picking one thing over the other in my application. Well, I got the best I could – HBS. Thank you very much for all your help. Abhay

I have received acceptances from Tuck and UCLA Anderson. Thanks Anil for helping me to put a compelling application. I am working in Singapore in a manufacturing industry and have previously worked in the government. I was not sure how to plug in my work profile seamlessly, and that’s where you helped me. Besides, thanks for your inputs for better research of schools and personalization of my application. Well, I even met an alumni from Tuck few days before the application deadline, and in the end it was worth all the effort. Mathew

I took All-In package for getting support for my MBA application. During the course of my engagement, I could approach the consultant multiple times and request for multiple feedbacks and edits. More important was the feedback on little things in essays that I had ignored – things like small deviation in my career which dented the credibility of my stated career goals and highlighting the process behind the facts. I got admission in Rotman School of Management. Rob

When I started gathering information about the application process to MBA program through online forums and articles, what concerned me somewhat was lack of big names in my resume – neither the educational institutions I attended, nor the organizations I had worked. I struggled to identify instances that would stand me out. Under this backdrop, I worked with 99 Colleges. I found them frank in pointing out a story in my profile which I thought to be trivial, and after some convincing decided to use them in my essays. Without this open and frank discussion, I would have probably not even mentioned this story to them. Besides, they also guided me in clarifying on one of my weak areas in special circumstance space and edited the essays. I found them to be professional and prompt, and they definitely made a difference to my application. Jenny

Although my profile was strong, I was a 30+ year old applicant. Through MBA forums, I learnt that I had a steeper wall to climb than a younger applicant with similar profile. That’s where 99 Colleges helped me in articulating my case well. I got accepted to Queen’s and Ivey, which has given me an opportunity to work in Canada, a geography I wanted to move because of personal reasons, post-MBA. Jason

I certainly wanted to get admission in at least one program, and therefore wanted to have some safety schools as well in my target list. Anil helped me finalize my school list on the basis of reputation of the schools, acceptance rates, and fit. I think that was crucial in increasing the odds of getting an admission. Second, he helped me shortlist examples from my profile which would best project my strengths and fit with the school. And, finally, he helped me refine my essays through multiple iterations. Thanks. I have been admitted to Duke and Stern. Hussain

I want to inform you that I’ve been accepted to Kellogg, one of my top choices. It was a pleasant experience working with you Anil, and thanks for sharing your tips on how to get the maximum out of my forthcoming B-school experience. Thanks again. Judy

Last year, I applied to three schools including Wharton, got waitlisted in two, but didn’t get admission in any of them. I worked with 99C this year for two of my applications. On their advice, I lay more emphasis on my experiences and exploits in the sporting arena, where I’ve excelled. This probably added more depth and roundedness to my background. Besides, they also helped me prune my verbose essays and make them tighter. I got admission in Wharton, which I’ve decided to join. Thanks 99C for your support. Joshua

Admitted to MIT. Received a call yesterday. Thanks for your support and patience with my essay drafts. Sameer

It has been an arduous journey for me since the day I started preparing for GMAT. Second attempt did not yield much improvement and I ended up with a 660 – not the best of scores if you are considering a top 10 school. But I was left with neither the stamina nor the time to take the test again, and decided to apply with somewhat sub-par score. My GPA was good, but from a rarely heard institution. I decided to work with 99Colleges for my application. Honestly, my motivation wasn’t super high, and my struggle with writing essays and following up with recommenders continued. Anil pushed me, motivated me, helped me shortlist examples for the essays, and gave many other inputs. Pull-push, pull-push … Well, somehow I put it all together. I just didn’t believe that the process was finally over when I submitted my last application. And my disbelief was beyond measure when I got admission offer from Yale. Well, it’s a great brand for me especially when I’ve never been to one till now, and I hope it will change my career for good. Once again, thanks Anil for all the time, motivation, and inputs you gave to me. Sandra

I had worked in oil& gas industry in South East Asia for five years, and wanted to move up the corporate ladder though in a different industry. I had a sub-par GMAT score for my target schools, which wasn’t a good situation to be in. I wrote my essays, but didn’t like them. Then I approached 99Colleges about whom I came to know through one of the online MBA forums. What stood out for me during my engagement with Anil was his insights into personalizing my essays according to the school and unifying the examples from my profile into particular essays while reflecting my strengths. More, he helped me shortlist the stories that recommenders can consider writing about in the recommendations, and advised on the best practices for writing recommendations. This was particularly useful as two of my three recommenders were first time recommenders. Finally, I worked with them for interview prep, and in the two post mock-interview feedbacks, I became aware of few issues with my presentation, which I continue to improve even now. I’m joining Columbia. 99Colleges certainly improved my application. Vivek

It would have been difficult to get into Booth and Columbia without candid assessment and multiple reviews and editing to my essays. Lin

Having worked in the government where time-bound promotions are order of the day and little incentives or disincentives to go beyond one’s brief, I was not sure what parts of my candidature and how should I emphasize especially when I had few knocks in the previous admission round. I learned about 99 Colleges through BTG forum, and decided to work with them. Anil identified the gaps in my application and the experiences that would best present my candidature. More importantly, I learnt how to present my case through answering the whys and hows of a situation, rather than just writing about accomplishments. During the entire process, I got honest and forthright feedback, which helped me improve my application over the previous round. As a result, I made it to Wharton and Darden in second round. Sushant

I worked with 99C for my application and it turned out to be a fruitful association, as I’ve recently got admission to London Business School. One thing that wasn’t much in my favor was a below par undergrad GPA. They helped me shortlist schools according to the criteria I had w.r.t. my career plans. Their feedback on customizing my essays according to the school, answering what is asked (yes, I partly missed one of the prompts), and laying out my thought process during crucial moments in my stories was critical. Yumiko