I offer outcome-based service, wherein you pay fee only if you get admission in one of the schools for which you avail this service. Otherwise, not. There is no deposit, processing fee, footnote, or asterisk. If this interests you, read on.

This service is comprehensive and covers every aspect of MBA admission process. In short, it is sum total of All-In and Interview Prep packages. As far as rigor, quality, and inclusions is concerned, there is no difference between outcome-based service and ‘ALL-IN’; the only difference is in the fee model. Here is a summary (for details, pl see ALL-IN + Interview Prep) of what outcome-based service covers:

What it covers – the breadth?

It covers A-Z of MBA application process:

  1. Application strategy

  2. Essays

  3. Recommendations

  4. Resume

  5. Other queries

  6. Two mock interviews for every interview invite

  7. Waitlist advice (if required)

What it covers – the depth?

The service is rigorous. Otherwise, results won’t come.

A successful application is much more than just writing your accomplishments (in essays and recommendations) and editing. Nuances and details make the difference. When working with applicants, I look at:

  1. How to demonstrate ‘fit’ with the school and personalize essays?

  2. Whether weak points, if any, in the profile have been addressed?

  3. Do career aspirations go into enough details to make them credible?

  4. Are the essays reflective enough? Do they address ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of the experience?

  5. Do recommendations provide in-depth examples and support (corroborate strengths/  allay concerns) essays?

  6. Do you need the first feedback on your interviewing skills well in advance to get adequate time to improve?

  7. … and more

Nuances, of course, are over and above the basics: brainstorming for the best-fit experiences, answering the essay prompt with flow and structure, and showing (and not just telling) in essays as well as recommendation, to name few.

There’s a pre-selection

Applicants are pre-selected for this service on the basis of their professional, academic, and extracurricular experiences (most of which come from the resume).

Drop in a short email

If you’re interested, click the button below and, through the contact form, just ask for more information. You don’t need to send anything (test score, resume, or target schools) at this stage.