Pay only if you get admission



An MBA program of repute can make the difference to your career – working in, one or more of, a new geography, industry, or function – that you are seeking for long. Or, may be, continuing in the same organization with increased responsibilities.

Getting admission to such a program can be challenging, though. The process is competitive. The applicant pools are strong. And there is little room for mistakes.

Besides Outcome-Based Service, we offer two other services to help you through this process:


(The interactive course)

If you are applying to an MBA program without a one-to-one professional guidance, and are relying primarily on friends & family, colleagues, and B-school alumni for feedback on your application, then this interactive course could be for you.

Ideally, your odds of making it to one or more schools in your target list should be determined only by the merits of your profile. But in real world, it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes, you fail to articulate your case to its potential and, worse, sometimes torpedo your odds by making simple, avoidable mistakes because of lack of awareness of one or more of:

the best practices in different aspects of the application

common mistakes applicants make in the application process

how to address weaknesses, if any, in your profile

And more (click ‘Learn more’ below and see ‘COURSE CONTENT’)

This course strives to make you better informed about these issues, and helps you project your candidacy to its potential.

For better comprehension, it explains concepts through several examples. And it’s interactive, too – you may ask questions through the online platform.

What’s more, you can preview nearly one-third of the course before subscribing to it, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee by Udemy, one of the largest platforms for online courses.


We also offer one-to-one assistance to applicants to MBA programs through following packages:

Application Strategy

  • Are your target schools good fit with your career goals? Are few, realistic shots?
  • Is your brainstorming deep enough for your essays to be reflective?
  • Are you unsure about how to answer particular types of questions?
  • Are you aware of common mistakes applicants make?, and
  • Are you personalizing your essays?

Essay Review

  • Do your essays answer the prompts adequately, covering relevant examples?
  • Is there enough personalization and differentiation?
  • Have weaknesses in your profile, if any, gone unaddressed?
  • Are there any red flags?, and
  • Is your language and presentation up to the mark?


  • Everything contained in ‘Application Strategy’ and ‘Essay Review’
  • Does your resume meet the professional standard?
  • Are your recommendations not strong despite positive intent of your recommenders?, and
  • How to improve the odds of converting your waitlist status, if required?

Insanity Check

  • Does your completed application contain any red flags? and
  • Are there any gaps in argument and presentation in your application?

Interview Prep

  • Do you need more practice than others? and
  • Do you need more time to imbibe the feedback, and improve your subsequent performance significantly?